The story of the Deli hub Family.

In the early 1960’s a family from a small village of the Punjab region in North Pakistan, had made a life inspiring journey through to the western world. On their travels they had many encounters with street food vendors from many different cuisines, learning of their methods to cooking great tasting food and to discover new flavours to their palates

In the 1970’s after many years of working on recipes and perfecting dishes, it was the time to start trading in the catering industry. Khawaja Shafique opened his first restaurant in the suburbs of Birmingham, predominately catering for migrants of the Sub Continent, who had an eye for quality and authenticity, and immediately, it successfully introduced this new phenomenon to the British palate. Realising the changing attitude and perception to world cuisines and in the early 1980’s Kababish was born and has been running for over three decades.

So here we are 2013 and Kababish is now introducing a new phenomenon by bringing Indian street food to the west. After years of preparation and perfecting these recipes the Deli Hub was born.

The Deli Hub has come to Birmingham Airport where people travelling from all parts of the world will see and appreciate the changing ways we consume food.... Join and follow us on our journey. It is the central hub to the UK and this is the beginning of a new era. A brilliant opportunity for everyone to grab a flavoursome snack.