Who are the Wallahs?

Wallah is a term used in the Indian subcontinent language for the person who is an expert in performing a specific task, duty, services or occupation. chai wallah is a person who makes and serves tea, pakora wallah is someone who makes Indian snacks, rickshaw wallah is someone who ferries passengers around..... We’re sure your getting the gist. Traditionally a wallah is cognizant of their role and has the experience in this case to produce quality and consistent food in wallah time (very quickly). The Hubwallah’s at the Deli Hub are the hosts and want to ensure your experience is immense, as you sink your teeth into the deli-cious Indian street food we have to offer. The perfect person to go to when passing by in the busy urban environment we live in today.

Our Chai-wallah is the tea-maker... The Masalla chai is a brilliantly brewed tea mixed with herbs and spices adopted from grandmother’s secret recipe passed down from generations. We at the Deli Hub are authenticating the tradition that we all naturally indulge in everyday. The cup of tea is symbolic to socialism, it is a drink consumed at any occasion be it a celebration or just a moment with a friend.

Indian street food has marked a statement across the globe, with its exciting spicy flavoured snacks/curries and refreshing beverages there is always time to grab a quick snack. The Deli Hub is always prepared to create you a delicious meal in minutes. What we call in Wallah time. We have the best performing Wallahs of all Wallahs, incredibly skilled and very knowledgeable; they are here to share their passion of street food with you. Go to your Wallah today and enjoy the pleasure of tasting exotic flavours with our street menu. Nourish your body and explore the taste of dishes from all over the Indian subcontinent.